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With the release of RealmSpeak version, you can now include questing as part of your gaming adventure.  The release contains over a 100 quests, but as quests are fixed or added, you can find them here.  Just download the rqst files, and put them in your RealmSpeak/quests folder, and you're good to go!  If you want to send me quests, use the contact tab to let me know, and I'll send you my e-mail address.  Alternatively, you could post them to the RealmSpeak mailing list (click "Home" above for more information)


Questing the Realm


 Renewed Strength - 8/18/2012



 Mysterious Warlock - 9/1/2012

 Studies of the Shaman - 9/1/2012

 Journey Past - 9/1/2012

 Perilous Journey - 9/1/2012

 Return of the Adventurers - 8/26/2012

 Eerie Light - 8/18/2012


Book of Quests