Berserker (Mark)

Berserker Berserker Chits
StatsActive InventoryInactive InventoryHirelings
Special Adv:
  1. ROBUST: Get one extra REST phase every day.
  2. BERSERK: Alert the BERSERK chit to increase your vulnerability to Tremendous.
Optional Adv:None
Friendly:Lancers, Rogues, Shaman
Unfriendly:Guard, Patrol
Great Axe Helmet Rogue 4
Event Log
MonthDayMonster RollActionsSummaryKills
111H , H , HR , HR
125H , H , M-BV[B]2 , M-DV[B]4Moved to Dark Valley B 4.
131H , M-CV[B]1 , M-CV[B]4 , M-DV1 , RMoved to Dark Valley 1. Ghost Ghost
142H , H , R , M-DV4 , M-M[B]4Moved to Mountain B 4.


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