Magician (Tim)

Magician Magician Chits
StatsActive InventoryInactive InventoryHirelings
Special Adv:
  1. MAGICAL PARAPHERNALIA: Get one extra ALERT phase every day.
  2. KNOWLEDGE: Subtract 1 from all Reading Runes die rolls.
Optional Adv:
  1. CHARMS: At midnight, all prepared MAGIC chits become unprepared without fatiguing.
Friendly:Company, Rogues
Unfriendly:Crone, Patrol, Soldiers
Event Log
MonthDayMonster RollActionsSummaryKills
111H , A , M-BV[B]2 , M-DV[B]4 , M-CV[B]1Moved to Curst Valley B 1.
125A , M-CV[B]4 , M-DV1 , M-DV4 , M-M[B]4Moved to Mountain B 4.
131A , M-M[B]2 , M-B4Moved to Borderland 4.
142A , M-B6 , M-B1Moved to Borderland 1.


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