Amazon B (Hugo)

Amazon B Amazon B Chits
StatsActive InventoryInactive InventoryHirelings
Special Adv:
  1. AIM: Subtract 1 from all Missile Table die rolls.
  2. STAMINA: Get one extra MOVE phase every day.
Optional Adv:None
Friendly:Lancers, Patrol, Shaman
Unfriendly:Bashkars, Company
Short Sword B Helmet B Breastplate B Shield B Horse B Power Boots Horse B Armor B Horse B Shield B Horse B Treasure
Event Log
MonthDayMonster RollActionsSummaryKills
111S , S , M-EV[B]2 , H , M-DW2Moved to Deep Woods 2.
125M-EV[B]2 , M-EV[B]5 , S , S , SMoved to Evil Valley B 5.
131S , S , S , S
142M-EV[B]5 , S , S , S , SMoved to Evil Valley B 5.
154M-EV[B]2 , H , M-DW2 , M-DW3 , M-DW5 , M-DW4Moved to Deep Woods 4.


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