Game Options Summary



  • CACHING 1.0 - Characters may record a CACHE action during their turn to create private caches of treasure and gold.
  • DROPPING AND LOSING BELONGINGS 3.0 - With this rule, characters have a choice of dropping an item in plain sight (where anyone can find it), or throwing it away (so it can only be found by searching).
  • AMBUSH RULES 4.2 - A successful HIDE roll on missile attacks while hidden, allow you to stay hidden.
  • SERIOUS WOUNDS 4.5 - Characters suffer 1D6 wounds instead of death when harm matches vulnerability.
  • DRAGON HEADS 4.6 - Instead of striking, Dragon Heads do a flame missile attack.


  • COMMERCE 4.1-4.3 - This includes changes in native trading prices based on the group and using the commerce table for selling goods.
  • GRUDGES/GRATITUDES 4.4 - Selling/Buying items with special FAME prices affect friendliness with certain native groups. Also, killing FRIENDLY or ALLIED natives affects your friendliness quite negatively.


  • 1.2a - WIZARD uses a MAGIC III2* instead of one MOVE M5 chit
  • 1.2b - WIZARD ignores SPX
  • 1.4 - WOODSGIRL uses one die for all HIDE, SEARCH, and MEETING rolls in any Woods Clearing (not just tiles)
  • 1.5 - MAGICIAN's alerted MAGIC chits don't fatigue at Midnight (become active again)
  • 1.6a - DRUID doesn't summon monsters from Site chits.
  • 1.6b - DRUID is immune to curses.
  • 1.7 - ELF must choose between Light Elf, or Great Elf. Affects which chits can be played during the game.


  • DEVELOPMENT 5.0 - Characters may start at a level less than four, and work their way up by earning chits.
  • GAIN 3RD RELATIONSHIPS - When you achieve 3rd level, you receive the relationships you would have normally had. If you are playing with GRUDGES/GRATITUDES, these levels ARE affected by the difference.

3rd Edition

  • KNIGHTS ADJUSTMENT - To limit the Black/White Knight's advantage, their ALLY starts off as FRIENDLY.
  • WATCHFUL NATIVES - Unassigned natives become "watchful", and are not susceptible to suprise attacks.
  • BENEVOLENT SPELLS - With this rule, some spells can be cast on your hired natives without causing them to attack you.


  • QUIET MONSTERS 3.1-3.4 - Hidden characters and hirelings do not cause chits to flip, or monsters to be summoned.
  • QUIET MONSTERS 3.5 - When positioning attackers on a character sheet, they do NOT have to be positioned in as many red boxes as possible.
  • STUMBLE 5.1 - Roll on stumble table when running.
  • RIDING HORSES 5.2-5.3 - Characters MUST play active horses to run away. No MOVE chits or BOOTS cards are allowed. Also, any character or denizen on horseback, can play both a maneuver for the rider, as well as the horse. When attacking mounted opponents, the rider may be targeted separate from the horse, but are then subject to the rider's maneuver when calculating harm. (REQUIRES FUMBLE RULES)
  • FUMBLE 5.4 - Roll on fumble table for melee attacks.
  • OPTIONAL MISSILE TABLE 5.4 - Use the Optional Missile Table for missile attacks.
  • PENETRATING ARMOR 5.5 - When a missile attack hits a character's armor, the harm is inflicted on the character but the armor reduces the harm.
  • AUTOMATIC ENCHANTING 6.0 - Certain map tiles flip over automatically at the end of each week, changing many of the roadways and making more color magic available.
  • ENHANCED ARTIFACTS AND SPELL BOOKS 7.0 - This rule allows characters to use Artifacts and Spell Books as extra Magic chits.
  • ENHANCED MAGIC 8.0 - Spells and Magic chits are not tied up by the casting of a spell, which allows the casting of multiple instances of a single spell.


  • 1.3 - CAPTAIN rolls one die for all HIRE rolls


  • SOLITAIRE 1.5-1.6 - No Dwelling Start - Dwellings/Ghosts are NOT revealed at the start, rather discovered like the Campfires. Since there are no Dwellings at the start, you must enter the map from the edge.
  • SOLITAIRE 1.7 - Two Rows Prowling - Rather than roll a single die for prowling monsters, two dice are rolled, and two rows are prowling at once. If the die rolls are the same, only one row prowls.
  • EXTENDED DEVELOPMENT 6.0 - Characters may develop past level four. No chits are gained past four, but each new level leads to a reward, as outlined in the 3rd edition rules.
  • EXCLUDE STARTING WORTH - For purposes of development ONLY, starting equipment value is not considered when gaining chits but is considered for end game victory points.
  • CUSTOM CHARACTERS - Allow players to choose from custom characters.


  • Revised Missile Table - Use the Revised Optional Missile Table for all missile attacks.
  • Hamblen's Kludge Adjustment - Drop one sharpness star from Attack spells (ie., Fiery Blast) cast at speed zero.

Robin's House

  • Productive Dwarf - (This rule replaces section 1.1 of the advantage section for the Dwarf) The Dwarf must spend one additional consecutive move phase to enter any non-cave clearing, but otherwise receives the normal number of phases. (Special thanks to Daniel Farrow for this alternative rule which is much more workable than the one I was using!)
  • Persistent Chits - Once sound/warning chits have been discovered, they remain face up for the remainder of the game.
  • Positive Only Points - Fame and Notoriety are not allowed to go negative. Any meeting result that requires more Fame/Notoriety than you have is considered Block/Battle.
  • No Character Recycle - Once a character dies, they cannot be played again for the remainder of the game.
  • Birdsong Rearrangment - The rules for Magic Realm specify that you cannot rearrange your belongings during Birdsong. This house rule relaxes that restriction (good for new players).
  • Force Inn After Start - Characters joining AFTER the start of the game, MUST start at the Inn, regardless of their normal options.
  • No Secrets - When you are looting, or searching, the results of your finds are reported in the log for everyone to see.
  • Level Rewards Past Four - When playing extended development rules, you will get rewards past level four if you advance during the game.

Other House

  • No Spell Limit - Magic Realm limits you to 14 spells per character. This option removes that limit.
  • No Flip with Monster Weapon Hit - Tremendous monsters with a weapon (Head or Club) will only flip when their body hits.
  • Decline Opportunity - When you roll an OPPORTUNITY on a meeting table, you will be presented with an option to reroll on the next friendlier table OR take the next result down on the existing table (a two).
  • Extra Shelters - The Lost City and Lost Castle chits count as shelters, for purposes of sheltered phases and weather.
  • Revised Enhanced Magic - Spells are not tied up by the casting of a spell, which allows the casting of multiple instances of a single spell. Unlike normal Enhanced Magic, MAGIC chits ARE tied up by each spell.
  • Natives Remember Discoveries - When native leaders become unhired, they do not lose their recorded discoveries. Of course, if they are killed, they are lost regardless.
  • No Mission/Visitor Flip - Has the effect of making all sides of these chits behave like individual chits, so you can use both sides of the chit at the same time. This also prevents the chits from flipping when a 6 is rolled on day 7.
  • No Campaigns - Exclude campaign chits when doing initial setup. This rule requires the previous rule.
  • Campaign Debt - Allows characters pick up campaign chit, even if it means they will have negative points.
  • Day End Trading ON - Day End Trading will be ON by default for all new characters. This can still be turned off by individual characters, if desired.

More House

  • Armor Repair - Repair armor at any dwelling during a trade phase, for the difference between the intact price, and the damaged price.
  • Snow Hiding in Caves - Ignore special weather conditions that prevent hiding due to snow or soft ground, when you perform the HIDE activity in a cave.
  • No VP Development Ramp - When playing with development rules, earn one chit for every VP gained, regardless of level
  • No VP Restrictions for Development - For purposes of development only, don't restrict VP gains to assigned VPs.

3rd Edition

  • EXTENDED GRUDGES - Killing an unhired neutral, unfriendly or enemy native reduces one’s friendship level with the native’s group one level for the rest of the game. This penalty can only be applied once per character per native group per evening. REQUIRES Grudges optional rule to be in play.

# Generators

  • Use R250/521 - A very fast shift-register sequence random number generator, invented by Kirkpatrick and Stoll in 1981.
  • Use Mersenne Twister - A twisted GFSR(624,397) invented by Matsumora and Nishimura in 1996.


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