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What is it?

RealmSpeak is a Java application that will allow you to host a live game of Magic Realm, with any number of players (up to 16) online. Because its written in Java, it will run on any computer that supports the latest Java Runtime, which includes PC, Mac OS-X, and Linux.
RealmSpeak on Windows

Magic Realm

Magic Realm is a fantasy board game from Avalon Hill, a company which was purchased by Hasbro Interactive some years back. The game involves a pseudo-random setup scheme which nicely creates the atmosphere of a role-playing game, without the necessity of a game master.

It is now impossible (as far as I know) to order the game, though you can still find a few for sale on ebay (search for Magic Realm), and I'm sure other places.

The original rules to the game were a bit confusing, and it wasn't until the release of the 2nd edition rules that the game mechanics made any sense. The rules are organized into four "encounters" which allow new players to learn the game in stages.

More recently, several Magic Realm fans reformatted the 2nd edition rules into an unofficial 3rd edition manual (available here), which clarifies much about the game.

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Please Note

If you are not an owner of the Magic Realm boardgame, RealmSpeak is not for you. There are many assumptions made in the interface that a new player likely will not understand. RealmSpeak is intended as a tool to allow Magic Realm players to get together online and enjoy a game, when playing face-to-face is not an option! If you want to get a copy of the boardgame, be sure to check out eBay, as there are often several copies there for sale. I recommend that you do!